A Trestle

Two brothers, side by side, relying on each other, sharing the burden all events might bring.

„A Trestle“ is a pair of trestles I designed for pur natur together with Oliver Fink. Metaphorically it refers to a pair of trees that grow side by side – so called brothers – and that support each other in order to withstand the loads of wind and weather throughout the year. It’s simple shape refers to traditional craftmenship from the Black Forest, yet adapts to the flexible needs of todays living. It’s sophisticated, graphic appearance, combined with the super-black stained silk-mat surface, intensifies the perception of wood by creating a sharp contrast between the trestles themselves and the table board. The latter always rests calmly due to the convex bearing surfaces of the trestles and thus builds a perfect base for all events that might come.

Design & Photography
Orson Podgorski

Crafts & Manufacturing
Oliver Fink & Moser GmbH