Special-edition concept and
packaging for Stephan Bodzin.

German producer Stephan Bodzin is widely known for his cosmic sounds that pick its listeners up to a journey through outer space. »LUNIK« is a special-edition and packaging concept that translates the sonic impressions and provides an actual physical experience.

The album itself is made of an aluminum pouch, containing a laser-engraved USB-disk – referring to space-tech aesthetics. The sterile, vacuum-sealed packaging and the sound of inflowing oxygene when opened does not only create a feeling of clean high-tech, but also gives the impression of a light-reflecting space probe floating through outer space. Furthermore it conserves the album and makes »unopened« copies even more precious over time

Inspired by the Russian space flight program from the 60s, LUNIK consists of three differents »parts« or versions – LUNIK 1—3 — each one linked to a special release-date event. Arranged in a coordinate system each copy is numbered with its coordinates.

Due to the limited amount of copies, there also is a smaller version of the album each fan gets, when buying a ticket for the release event. The small version consists of a laser engraved-usb-stick, containing one song from the new album.

Concept, Design, Photography
Orson Podgorski