Bäckerei Waidele

Enrobing a bakery from
the Black Forest.

Bäckerei Waidele is a traditional artisan bakery based in the Black Forest in Germany. As a family-owned company they have been baking bread in the same spot since 1586. When working for them, being responsible for communication and marketing, very soon it was clear, that the brand had to be transformed fundamentally to face the demands of today's business. From bottom up we indentified the brand core, mission and claim and began implementing them into an overall new corporate culture and thus creating a corporate identity. Along the way I constantly adjusted the communication, starting with nothing more than a logomark, resulting in a wide range of media, creating a very simple and cheap but effective visual identity.

As a reaction to the disruptive impact of discounters and franchise-bakeries on the German market over the last years, the strategy was to clearly move away from being cheap to communicating the high artisan-quality of the products and the craftsmenship behind them. The new claim »craftsmen of taste – since 1586« emphasises the passion for bread as well as it helps rising awareness of the tradition and culture of German bakeries in general and Waidele in special.

Design & Photography
Orson Podgorski