I'm Orson Podgorski.

I believe in common sense and the force of passion.

I love bringing ideas to life, together with great people.

I do so as a communication designer.

I am very much into creating things that work well and that please our need of functional and emotional satisfaction. In other words: I design entities that work fine and feel right and thus create favorable experiences for all users and recipients. I do that in respect of strategic goals or the purpose of the originator and the available means.

I am a versatile, multidisciplinary communication designer with a strategic and entrepreneural mindset, a methodological and experimental work-approach.

I set high value in precision, quality, sustainability and aesthetics.

I'm open to design anything needed, the best I can – for and together with individuals, organisations and companies.

If you are nice and want to have a good conversation,
say hello(at)opki.de

Or simply have a look at my work.