Rosenthal Weddinglope

The Weddinglope is the first porcelain-made envelope – smash for love.

As it is customary at German weddings to wish the bride and groom luck by smashing porcelain – the noise is supposed to drive away evil spirits – at KOREFE we developed the „Weddinglope“ for Rosenthal. This wedding-gift is the first envelope made of porcelain. Hidden inside, there is a voucher for Rosenthal-tableware. To get the voucher, you have to smash the Weddinglope. In the development-process I was assigned to design the porcelain envelope itself and create 3D-rendered visual prototypes for client-presentation. The envelope was produced in 2015 and awarded  iF-Design-Award (product) in 2016.

Software used
Cinema 4D & Photoshop

Agency – Kolle Rebbe
Client – Rosenthal


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