Creating a brand for premium floorboards, grown and made in the Black Forest.

Floorboards that inspire

pur natur is a family-owned company, based in the Black Forest. They believe in a world where humans live in respect of nature and sustainability. They share their enthusiam for wood through naturally beautiful and long-lasting products.
When the company decided to expand its portfolio to producing premium floorboards, a new brand strategy and design was indispensable. In a long process and close collaboration, we worked out a brand strategy, emphasized the brand's core values, its beliefs and mission and designed a visual identity that helped to attract attention, differentiate from the competitors, and that appeals to the target groups.

The brand identity is defined mainly by a consequent grid system, by the choice of a very distinctive typeface and the spare use of color, in regard of naturalness and siplicity. The shape of icons is based on the typeface as well, to create a harmonious appearance.
A whole range of grapchic elements helps the brand to communicate clearly in any situation and media.

Grown and made in Germany.

As the company sets high value not only to the quality but also the origin of its resources, we developed the „pur natur Herkunftsnachweis“ (proof of origin). On demand it gives every client the coordinates of exact that spot in the forest, where the tree his/her floor is made out of, once was upright.

CNC-milled into an actual floorboard, the coordinates help rising brand awareness and furthermore become a statement for acting sustainably.

In close collaboration with
Jan König and Pascal Botlik


A Trestle