Spicing up bike-travels.

As true downhill-enthusiasts, TRAIV came up with the idea, to provide fully organized bike-travel packages to the best downhill-spots all around the globe. What they needed? A brand concept, a name, a logo and a website. Together with them I worked out brand values, USP and tonality before finally formulating the brand's mission and its big idea.

The Mission

The Brand Core

When working for a start-up company you never know what to expect for the future. Considering Traiv as a tour operator it suggests itself that the travel-sector one day might expand from downhill to winter-sports, climbing, surfing and so on. The brand core »Intense Travelling« easily applies to all other fields of travelling and therefore builds a safe basis for future growth.




A bright, unusual and friendly color-palette creates an unconvetional, active mood. It furthermore helps distinguishing from the competition.


Images that capture the tension in downhill sports help to communicate the message of »Intense Travelling«. The work of Whistler-based photographer Reuben Krabbe does not particularly capture the single individuum, but rather the atmosphere and soul of downhilling in general – the perfect match for TRAIV.

Typeface - Euclid Flex

Orson Podgorski

Reuben Krabbe